Enhance Your Natural Glow

The 24k Gold Spa Experience.

All natural ingredients

Animal cruelty free

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Celebrate your natural glow and beauty.

Legend has it that Cleopatra used gold as part of her beauty routine. Thousands of years later, Al's Beauty makes glowing skincare products for the empowered woman of today.


Gold on Your Skin.

In Ancient Egypt, gold was one of the most sough after minerals, known as 'the flesh of the gods'. Gold contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory components that provide cleansing, healing, and soothing effects for the skin. A gold mask facial will give your skin an added boost — making it the ideal skin treatment to give yourself before a special occasion.

Golden Skincare Benefits:

Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Tightens and firms your skin

Makes your skin more elastic

Helps to improve blood circulation

Brightens and clears your skin complexion

Helps to slow down collagen depletion which begins from the age of 25

Reduces inflammation (the primary cause of acne & hyperpigmentation).

Celebrities LOVE gold infused facial products, including…you guessed it, gold masks.

Natural skincare.

All products by Al's Beauty are vegan and animal cruelty free


We Believe in living in a way that betters our planet and maintains the balance between human activity and natural processes. This is why our projects are focused on improving the health of the global ecosystem.

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