Our Team


Marketing, AJ

At the age of 22, Aj is currently pursuing her degree but with a strong passion for supporting the cause of women empowerment. She decided to embark on this journey with the company so that she will be able to play her  part in supporting the global cause.


Founder, Ally

At the age of only 23, Ally challenged herself constantly and decided to step into the beauty world. Facing bullying growing up, Ally soldiered on. She decided to make it her company's mission to empower women globally and to be able to have a voice on their own. 

"Empowering one women at a time.


Sales, Menuga

At the age of only 21, Menuga is pursuing her degree. She is passionate about wildlife and conservation. She took on several big project in sales like open electricity market. She strongly supports the cause of women empowerment thus embarking on the journey with the company to break society norms.