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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

By: Ally, Founder

"I have always wanted to travel, to see the beauty of the world amidst the chaos and dysfunction of the world that which surrounds the universe. But now that I realise i don't have to go very far if beauty and peace is what i seek, all I have to do is come home to you"

- Ally, Founder

The notion of life is so complex and intricate. we are born into a life whereby a socially constructed identity is thrusted upon us based on varying factors. We are influenced by those around us from a young age, from political views to faith, gender stereotypes to sexuality expectations. We are so socially conditioned by expectations that it's no wonder figuring out what you really want from the time we grace this earth is so difficult.

In this uncertain time, more than ever, we need to celebrate our accomplishments especially as successful, inspiring women. We are all unstoppable whether we are students, mothers, or professionals. We all contribute our part to the society and it’s time we start celebrating for our accomplishments. It’s time we celebrate ourselves, and others. We live in a cruel world where women are still being mistreated, still being abused, still being assaulted, still being discriminated, still being raped and murdered, still being told that they’re not pretty enough, smart enough.

We as women understand the struggles of other women more than anyone else does. Therefore, we must be better with each other because we know how difficult things can be for us. We are all beautiful in our own way and need to learn to recognize the beauty in ourselves as well as in each other. We are all fully capable of accomplishing our goals.

To all women reading this, I hope you know that you are worthy and know that there are more women standing behind you supporting you. To all women reading this, I hope you will join me in empowering and complementing one another.

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